Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Cornwall England - 25th April 2018

I think I went to the wrong Car Rental company. Hope this car can last a tour of Cornwall

Well I made it OK to Boscastle. I just love these lobster pots.

Ahhh, what a wonderful view, and the smell of the ocean. What more can I say

Love these stairs in the Old Post Office Tintagel

Mmmm Straw mattress, not sure I could sleep on this itchy bed.

Not sure I like the windows, they are very small

Agh! The life of a fisherman

Gotta try one of these! They look delicious

I think I could live in this old Fisherman's cottage

Many rocks on the beach, but still enough sand to sun-bathe

The remains of an old Tin Mine at Cripplesease

At last I got to Lands End. Only 8,096 km to get back to Colombia

Want to use this boat, but I am not strong enough to flip it over.

Confession time!

The harbour at Polperro

Amazing, This pub has a dog bar.

I took the tour bus into Polpero 

Because I was tired, I took the bus for the return journey as well
My chair with a good old British Bulldog

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Buenos Aires Argentina - 26th December 2017

Pink Flor visited Buenos Aires in Argentina for New Year.

 He loved the view at the Palmero Docks

Pink enjoyed his Submarino - Cafe Tortoni. It is a hot chocolate made from milk and a chocolate bar

Exploring the original decor in Cafe Tortoni

A pic from the old days. (I was too young)

I forgot to pack my picnic!

Pink visited the grave of Eva Peron

The eternal flower. Pink loved this as the flower closes at night.

Lionel Messi - Need to get his autograph!

Pink tried to play the piano, but without fingers he struggled.

He decided to have dinner instead.

This is the service I deserve.

Mmmmm, lunch.

Mmmmm, more lunch.

Pink on the tour bus at 'El Tigre'

Pink Flor with a table reservation for the Tango at 'El Viejo Almacen'

He visited the stage before the show started

Love the view in the Rose Garden.

The Japanese gardens. I need to learn some new cultures.


El Caminito, the art district. Just love it.

Fresh milk for a cup of tea.

Mafalda, the Argentinian cartoon series. Wow!

What better than an air-conditioned tour bus in 'El Tigre'

Wow! A Pink Flor Door.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Sonsón Antioquia Colombia - 22nd November 2017

A nice bottle of Rum to get me into the mood.

Morcilla (Black Pudding), Typical high calorie Colombian food.

I love this wall by artist "Pablo Jamarillo"

Pink helped a local farmer collect the milk on horse-back

Not my favorite place in Sonsón. I am afraid of the dentist!

I found the perfect place to make new friends.

Agh! now I have to settle my bill.

In the foundry

A Spanish Conquistador uniform - The armpit is a little smelly!

La Casa de los Abuelos (Grandparents house)

Think I will print some business cards.

Back to School, I need to learn the history of  Sonsón