Monday, 22 May 2017

Northern Ireland - 22nd May 2017

First some Gin, then off to find the Guiness

Irish Gin ! Have to say I like it.

Tourist route along the river

I think I deserve another Gin after that walk

Now this is a great Gin. Hic!

Relaxing in the Belfast Jazz Bar.

Love the decor

Local beech on the Irish Sea. Whew the seaweed smells.

A little prossecco to keep me going.

Live tradtiional Irish music. I could get to like this.

As always, I love these old cars. Must get one of my own one of these days

An old Irish Castle.

The very North of Ireland. Shame it was raining.

Malin Head. The farthest North you can go before falling into the sea.

Need a warm coffee after Malin Head. Very windy and wet

I was scared after seeing this ghost ship

Fun with the sea lions.

Outside the Titanic Museum in Belfast

Mussels oh Mussels alive alive-o

A small fishing village

Not used to this, a 2km walk just to get there, then I have to come back!

Wild Garlic growing along the river bank. Smells great.

At last Cranney Falls. Did I say I have to walk back 2km! :-(

The river at Ballycastle

Ballycastle Beech

On my way to the Giant's Causeway

Still on my way to the Giant's Causeway (Should have taken the bus)

Got here at last, and Wow - It's spectacular

What a day, still should have used the bus though

Can you see the Seal. Raithlan Island is amazing

Wet day on the beech

Some visitors from the USA in the car. I recommended places to go.

Fishing vessels. Just love fresh sea food

Last pic in Northern Ireland before I go to Eire

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Geneva Switzerland - 17th May 2017

I got a window seat on the plane

The Jet D'eau, I always like to see this when I am in Geneva.

Time to cool down in the fountain

My new friend 'Dino' He can be a little loud.

Italian for Lunch, Yipee!

Menu is a little large, not sure what to choose?

My new friends at the petting zoo.

Wine tasting at 'Chateau du Crest'

Think I will start with the wine in the centre.

I always wanted to drive a tractor. Dreams really can come true.

Glad they had this wine press. I did not want to use my feet.

What a view of the Swiss countryside

Wonder when the grapes will appear on these vines

Now that is a barrel of wine.

Tastes better from the wooden casks,

So many old tools. Wonder what they are for?

My 3rd new friend in Geneva on this trip. 

Nice view of the carousel. 

I just love this car.

Raccoon came round for a pajama party.