Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pink Flor Visits the Amish - 24th August 2014

Pink Flor kept to rail, as the Horse seems to have an engine leak.

This typical Amish Household excited Flor, he wanted to call in for lunch.

'The Horse is going faster than our car' exclaimed Pink Flor

How do the Amish have such tidy fields when they do not use Tractors?

Farewell to the Amish, very friendly people.

Pink Flor visits Lincoln's Cabin - 24th August 2014

Those Chicken look mighty tasty. Would they notice if one went missing!

Time for a nap. Hope Lincoln is working late today.

Well thats the washing done, time for another nap?

Can not wait for the horses to be hitched up.

This is the life I deserve.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pink Flor visits Springfield Il - 17th August 2014

Flor was so proud to be with Abraham and Mary Lincoln

Flor decided to hide in Tad Lincoln's cap

Flor in front of the Illinois State Capitol Building

Flor is full of admiration for Martin Luther King, and was so proud to shake his hand.

Flor on the famous Route 66

Where is Flor?

Flor's Favourite room in Lincolns house was the kitchen (Think the food swung it)