Sunday, 9 November 2014

Pink Flor Visits Mexico - 9th November 20124

May be I should take a midnight swim in the pool?

One last beer for the evening
Time for a nap after a big party night

Where is Pink Flor?

Pink Flor's newest friend - Elephant

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pink Flor's Other Photo's from London.

Pink Flor finds a BMW Isetta 300 otherwise known as a 'Bubble Car'
Pink Flor went shopping in Harrods
Ahhh, this shop is used by Royalty
Pink Flor goes shopping again! This time in Regent Street
Obviously Pink Flor likes small cars! He now found a Mini
And what would a Mini be without 'Mr Bean'
Pink Flor Visits Greenwich
Pink Flor liked the Meridian, but found it had to have one leg in the East and one in the West
At the Greenwich Observatory

And Finally, Pink Flor visited the Cutty Sark

Friday, 24 October 2014

Pink Flor goes to the Theatre in London - 23rd October 2014

Miss Saigon

Flor read the program for Miss Saigon
Flor liked the stage set-up at the Prince Edward Theatre
Time for refreshments during the interval
Flor loved the show, especially the Helicopter scene

Jersey Boys

The lights on stage really excited Flor, he could not wait to hear the music.
Flor got great seats in the 'Royal Circle'
Flor made friends with Giraffe, who had also come to see the show. Giraffe was 4 rows in front of Pink Flor.
Flor says good bye to Giraffe, and promises to keep in touch via his blog

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pink Flor visits Barts in London - 14th October 2014

Ivan - Bart's famous bartender.
Foxy Flor!
Do I have to pay to clean this up!
Pizza from the kitchen was realllyyyyy good.

That hurts, someone get me down. Hey bear, how come you got the comfy seat?

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pink Flor Visits the Amish - 24th August 2014

Pink Flor kept to rail, as the Horse seems to have an engine leak.

This typical Amish Household excited Flor, he wanted to call in for lunch.

'The Horse is going faster than our car' exclaimed Pink Flor

How do the Amish have such tidy fields when they do not use Tractors?

Farewell to the Amish, very friendly people.

Pink Flor visits Lincoln's Cabin - 24th August 2014

Those Chicken look mighty tasty. Would they notice if one went missing!

Time for a nap. Hope Lincoln is working late today.

Well thats the washing done, time for another nap?

Can not wait for the horses to be hitched up.

This is the life I deserve.