Friday, 13 May 2016

Pink Flor in Geneva Switzerland - 13th May 2016

After the grueling 15 hour flight from Medellin to Geneva,
Pink Flor decided to use the train to get around
He absolutely loved the carousel in the Botanical Gardens.
In fact he liked it so much he asked for additional photographs
A warm sunny day at the lake was just perfect to recover from his jet-lag
Back to the Botanical Gardens to explore the remainder of the park.
Snow on the mountains! How cool
And right there in the background is Mont Blanc
You can not visit Geneva without seeing the Jet. Pink Flor got so excited. 
Pink Flor decided to play hide and seek. Can you see him?
Ever the socialite, Pink Flor makes a new friend
At last a Pink Flor sized house with a view of the lake
Pink Flor was thirsty, but found it very hard to drink from the fountain without taking a shower at the same time
Two new friends in one day. They promised to keep in touch using social media
Geneva can be very tiring, so Pink Flor asked for a ride home.