Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Adventures of 'Pink Flor'

Flor wanted Champagne in the Scenic Lounge - Chicago Hancock Tower
Flor enjoyed the Jazz at Andy's Jazz Bar

Later Flor had a Mojito

The Silver Bean in Millennium Park fascinated Flor

Flor finished his trip to Chicago at Bubba Gump

Flor went to Peoria Zoo to support their 'Zootini' Charitable event

As you can see Flor enjoyed the Martini cocktails, taking 2 at a time.
Watching the Rhino's 'Tangle Tusks' was one of Flor's favourite memories of the night.

'Wow a Bubble Car' said Flor. 'This is just my size, I gotta get one!' Spotted on Michigan Avenue in Chicago USA

 Flor managed to get a cocktail in the Hancock Tower Signature Room, I do not know how he managed to convince the waiter that he was of legal age.

 Chicago River - Flor asked if it was always this colour, we explained it was to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Flor liked it a lot, he thought it was another giant cocktail.

Flor Meets the invasion of the Olive Penguins. Peoria Illinois USA - 15th February 2014

Flor decided to go onto the deck to play in the snow following winter storm 'Maximus', Peoria Illinois - 2nd February 2014

Flor wanted to make a snow angel, he was very cold because he forgot his coat, Peoria, Illinois - 2nd February 2014
Flor's 'Snow Angel', shame it looks like a Mammoth foot print! Peoria, Illinois - 2nd February 2014
Flor asks if he is in Nevada or Arizona, we told him 'both' right side in Nevada and left side Arizona. Hoover Dam, State Line - 30th December 2013

Flor arrives at the Hoover Dam, or is it Boulder Dam? Flor was confused. Hoover Dam, Nevada 30th December 2013
"Happy New Year to Everyone" say Flor from Las Vegas, Nevada - 1st January 2014

Flor thought he had been naughty when we arrived in the Badlands, South Dakota - 25th June 2013

Flor was a little nervous of the Bison in Custer State Park, South Dakota, so stayed in the Car - 24th June 2013

Flor wanted to climb the tower, but the Park Wardens said NO! Devil's Tower, Wyoming - 26th June 2013

Flor was so excited to be the fifth head at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota - 24th June 2013

Flor Visited the tribal ruins in Mesa Verde Colorado USA, but he got a little dizzy with the spiral carvings on some of the stones 22nd November 2012
Flor was overwhelmed by the size and beauty of the Grand Canyon in Arizona USA. He wanted to go to the bottom, but his legs are very short so we told him it would take many weeks. 18th November 2012

Flor really enjoyed Monument Valley in the 'Navaho Tribal Park' Utah USA. "John Wayne was in many Western movies here" he explained. 21st November 2012


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