Sunday, 26 April 2015

Pink Flor's Adventures in the Colombian Amazon April 26th 2015

This was Pink Flor's first trip to the Amazon, so he booked a flight on Copa Airlines, and flew to the Amazona city of Leticia in south East Colombia.

Fasten your seat belt sir!
Where's my drink!

Typical Pink Flor - decided to climb a coconut palm at the hotel.

Then he decided to go 'Skinny Dipping' in the pool after closing.

Flor finished the night off with a local fruit juice cocktail

Off to the Amazon River in a luxury boat!! Not so sure about the captain

Flor points out that the Blue house near his left ear is in Colombia, and the remaining 3 houses between his ears are in Brazil

Giant Lilies. Flor wanted to walk on them, but was scarred of the cayman crocodiles

Ouch that hurts, please take care
Watch out for my eyes......

Not again, first Parrots, and now Monkeys. Please don't bite me, or kidnap me.

This is safer. Not so bad this Monkey Island

Quiet boat ride through the mangroves
'Puerto Narino' Its a little high here, Flor was just a little scared of falling

But worth it in the end for the views of the Amazon river and jungle

Flor refused to walk further so hitched a lift with a hiker
Watching the Brazilian Fisherman was fun. but the big one got away.

Perfect end to the day. Sitting in Brazil, with Colombia over my right shoulder and Peru over my left.

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