Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Pink Flor in Manizales Colombia - 21st March 2016

Pink Flor's taste in Rum has changed, now only 15 year aged Rum is acceptable.
He likes the new transport service in Manizales, Warm, Soft, and Friendly
Flor wanted a ride on Willys jeep. We had to explain that we were planning do this another day.
What about this jeep? he asked
Flor decided that if he could not ride a jeep, then he would travel with some pigs that he befriended earlier
He took a quick stop for some Colombian Coffee
A last! Flor got his wish to ride in a jeep.
He loved the fact that a silver horse also took the ride.
After a long day, Flor decided to take to nature. He loved riding the cable car above the forest
Staying with the nature theme, he took a short rest by a Lilly pond
He took a long walk on this wooden bridge over a small pond
Flor wanted some more coffee, but the store was closed
He then exhausted himself by climbing this palm tree
Flor walked several kilometres into the forest, and decided to take a rest by this fresh spring water
Looks like Flor likes climbing. Here he climbed a tree to get a better view of a wild orchid
Flor decided to study a local kiosk built for weddings and meetings. He loved the design
A final stop by a furnace. He was disappointed there was no BBQ

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